18 May 2008

Caterpillars to Butterflies: A Sermon Reflection

Ask any caterpillar - do you have a future? Chances are that he will not think so. His life consists of eating leaves and he is always crawling on the branch or ground. Fly in the sky? No way. He is just "doomed" to a life on the mud ground.

Yet, the caterpillar has a destiny. He has a destiny to be a beautiful butterfly flying from tree to tree, drinking nectar not eating mud.

Sometimes we may feel like we are like that caterpillar stuck in the pits doing "shit" work with no end in sight and without hope. The Word of God reminds us today that God is at work in us, forging an eternal treasure beyond our wildest imaginations (2 Cor.4:17b-18). There is hope for us in whichever dark valley that we are in. Praise God.

However we need that spiritual eyesight to see (2 Kg 6) and faith to believe in Him. Help me to see and believe Lord that I too have a future and a hope.


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