19 April 2008

My wife's birthday

It was supposed to be a birthday to celebrate. But sometimes things have their own ways and a day to rejoice became a day to groan.

I woke up to find that my younger girl do not want to go for her wushu lessons. She was supposed to join the school team and should be training every Sat from 8 to 12.30 Today she complained of a leg pain and simply refuses to get up. My wife urges her for a while and gave up. I lost my cool and screamed and threatened, knowing that it is not as painful as she claims. In the end? she did not go and was as lively as any 8 year old. I was furious of course. And that started our day badly.

My older girl's fever worsened and she need to stay at home while we went for breakfast. It continued to rise and fall, hitting a high of 39.6 degree. We finally decided (actually my wife decided) that we need to take her to see the doctor. I brought her there and came back $67 poorer - these guys really charged a princely sum!

We were supposed to go to T3 to celebrate. We ended up eating from packet food bought from the nearby foodcourt. My poor wife got no celebration, no cake, no dinner. Well that's the price for being a mother! She went out though after that to celebrate with her friends.

Well at the end of the day, there are some things that we can plan, but God brings all things into fruition. And it will turn out to be for the ultimate good. Just got to trust Him in that.


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