28 April 2008

Leaders no Enough

Today I had lunch with someone from my former zone. It was great to meet up again and talked about the Christian walk. It also warms my heart to see him zealous for the things of the Lord. He is truly a good guy for the Kingdom of God.

As we talked, we touched invariably on the subject of the lack of leaders in the Kingdom of God and of the many things left to the 20 percent to do. "Why is the Church not building her leaders?", He asked.

It is an age old problem and we do not have a solution yet.

It is one of those issues that I was passionate about in my younger days. From that sprung forth my involvement with the BB movement, to develop young men who can one day become the leaders of the church. In this respect, I have some little success.

But what about now? This church still needs leaders and she is not producing them fast enough. I thought the MG was a good system to produce leaders. But that was amended with the current IDT system. Well, let's see how this goes to solve the leadership shortage.

What about me? What can I do? I am too old to be involved in BB again. What I think I can do is to help develop leaders in a small group context and to help mentor them through their situations. I just need a platform to do it - either through DG, or at the Zone level.

Is this something that I can and should do? Help me Lord, show me the way.


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