19 April 2008

High turnover in the Office

Yet another of my colleague handed in her resignation and announced that it was her last day. Sigh. Of my normal lunch group of 5, now we are down to just 3, with 1 leaving next month. There was also another lady in our dept who asked to be on no pay leave.

Its sad when all your good friends are leaving one by one. One of them told me, "Eh, morale low now. So many leaving... will you stay on?" I thought to myself, "If i have no family obligations, I would also leave at the first possible opportunity. But, now things are different. I have a family of 6 to look after."

Are those who are staying the deadwoods of the dept? Or the cause of the exodus? Hopefully not. Maybe another way to see it is that now is the chance for me to move on and up.

Ultimately, it is not the people who should decide my emotions. I must re-focus on my purpose of being here and not to lose sight of it. Of course its harder in reality. My comfort and reminder is from the scene of Hotel Rwanda, when the House Manager turns down the opportunity to leave even when he secured his exit visas, to stay on with the Tutsi refugees, because he knows they will die without his help. I may not be that influential or messianic in their lives, but I know there is a place for me to fulfil the will of God here. So hang on! Even though all my good pals may leave. God is still here with me.


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