17 December 2007

Zechariah or John – what will his name be? Lk.1.57-66

The neighbours pressed Zechariah for an answer after Elizabeth had bravely spoken up against their initiative for choosing the name Zechariah. “It has always been like this. We take a traditional family name. How can you now choose a name not in your family line of names?” Zechariah was insistent. No, “His name is John” In his many months in silence, he has much time to think and has already thought through it all. He is not to go away from God’s words anymore. He saw and knew first hand, that God exists and can be trusted. His name will be John. His name is John. Then his tongue was loosened and he began to speak again. And of course, he praise God! The others watched in fear. Now they are slowly beginning to realize that God is at work. They are not to press their ways. A new start has been made. It is a new start to fear and follow God.

There are times in my life where I followed others. I went with the flow, the path of least resistance. But it is not good for me. I stopped thinking and just followed along. There was no courage and no direction and no purpose in life. I need to re-orientate. I need to seek His will and follow it, especially in 2008.

Zechariah has also shown great wisdom. He did not sulked against God, or show any negative emotions for the silence during those past months. He accepted his punishments. He was able to rejoice again and give thanks. Why? He knew he was wrong and He was right. God was not only right, but was good and blessed him so much more than he could imagined.

Am I still harbouring unnecessary hurts against God and others? Why do I remain angry and down? Why can’t I move on? What is there to be unhappy about? Sometimes, even though I knew I am wrong and had no answers for my own emotions – I still find it difficult to move on. What I know and what I’m actually not doing does not match. I need the push – a BIG push to carry on.

May the push, or maybe a scolding, come soon.


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