26 December 2007

A new addition to the family

We got ourselves a mini schnauzer! On 26th, we went to the pets wholesalers at Pasir Ris Farmway with my mum. There were an amazing number of Pet kennels there selling all kinds of interesting dogs - we even saw a Saint Bernard!

After enquiring a few schnauzers, the prices range from $700 to $3500, we finally settled for one Salt-n-Pepper (black & gray) little male puppy, 2 months old, at $650, after some bargaining. It's an all-in price plus one bag of dog food.

We were a bit apprehensive at how our 13 month Jack Russell will respond to this new boy. But after some loud "welcome" barkings, they are beginning to settle down well. The new boy, whom we named Elfie, whined the 1st night for a while. He also woke up early at 5 plus to cry for food. And of course, when the small boy whined, Ernie joined in and barked (at the unearthly hour of 5 something).

We let Elfie wonder around at home, and he pee-ed quite a bit everywhere. Yes, we need to toilet train him soon. He also refused to eat the food without milk and must be 'rocked' to sleep. A real baby indeed!

Elfie is biting all our fingers whenever we put in our hands to carry him. He is teething and is biting everything in sight. But he's cute.

Very cute.


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