2 December 2007

My "Mini-marathon"

It was a slightly more crowded stroll in the end (The Singapore Marathon 2008). And all in good time: 59:44 for 10km, though a bit away from my personal gym bests of 56:36. Still it was a great run.

A few months ago, I was still trying to escape the sign up for this run. After the umpteen time my boss ask, I finally said yes. That time I was 6-7km fit and 10km seemed like a mount Everest task for me. But today looking back, I perhaps should have signed up for the half marathon instead.

And that's what I will do for next year, culminating in the year end 2008 full marathon. It will be a great opportunity to capitalise on my current fitness levels, to do what I tried to do in 1996 but failed. Then I managed to run for about 19 km and then walked till the three quarter mark and gave up. Next year, I will return to try again. And to close up this chapter of my "half-past-six" attempt.

Besides it being a great running experience, I received some freebies too, like 2 dri-fit running singlets, a pack of carbo-rice, and some other promotional packets. It also introduced me to the school gym and lifting weights again.

On the run, it was quite a smooth run, albeit very crowded throughout. At a few points, after the half way mark, I sped up and tired myself unnecessary. Towards the end, there was not much reserves to speed up for the final dash. Still it was a good time. The runspirators along the route did a great job in cheering us on. Great for them! Ahh, the importance of cheerers in our lives. They just give you that extra oomph in your run.

Well I'll be looking at the Singapore race calendar and signing up for the runs..


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