16 December 2007

God speaks

This morning I have a hard time waking up 3 ladies, 2 gals and wife for the 8am service. Last nite, we went out late to Little India and reached home at 11.30pm. They could hardly wake up and after a few tries, I gave up and went to church on my own.

Not a great start for Sunday service and my school holidays. I was embarrassed when Paul, at the door, asked, "Eh, Today only one person?" I mentioned that they were still in bed and quickly walked in, not lifting my head to see them.

The song, "So You would come" ministered to me greatly. I was reminded of the great love of God afresh, who did everything, so that I would come to Him. He had taken my broken dreams and lives. He has sent His Son to die for me. He has accepted me unconditionally. So that I would come to Him again. I was touched.

Suddenly a picture of the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son came to me. For many months now, I was behaving like the elder brother, now sulking because of the church, and refusing to go into the Father's house again. This song ministered to me in reminding me of the Father's love and deeds. What more do I want from Him so that I would go in? Do I need Him to say sorry? Was He wrong in the 1st place? No. How foolish of me!

Lord, forgive me. I have sinned and am too proud and cold to come into your house. Help me to do so again. Amen.


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