16 December 2007

God in pursuit of us

I was in my school gym the other day when someone whom I have never met before walked up to me and asked if I'm from this evangelistic church. I was surprised and said "Yes, I'm from there but how did you know?" He mentioned that his colleague in his dept mentioned me to him since the 2 of them were attending the same church as me. And suddenly now, I know of 4 other person in my workplace that attends the same church as me! How did the 2 of them know me? Am I that popular? He mentioned that his other colleague knew me as I was involved in a significant way in the church previously. Hmm, very interesting.

This 2 of them, plus the other 2 whom I saw and recognised in church brings the total number to 4 - for now. The most interesting part of it, is that, this stranger friend actually stays in the same area as me! It becomes very eerie all of a sudden.

On the other hand, it reminds me that God's people are everywhere. No matter where i go to, it seems that His people are always there. And one fine day, they may just walk up to me and introduce themselves to me. It brings me comfort to know that help is around. He will always be here for me through His people.

Praise God!


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