7 December 2007

Conference Inspirations

It was a dull conference by an uninspiring speaker until she started to tell a story about an underachieving kid, who when asked to do a dance item, suddenly became alive and in that process discovered himself. Here in my workplace, I see bored students everyday. While it is expected that we do not let ourselves be tainted by their lack of zeal, we sometimes failed to do that and are reacting to their responses and we become de-motivated, Hence, it is with a whiff of fresh air as I hear this speaker’s story of the student finding himself (or as Covey would put it – finding his voice).

This inspired me to live out this purpose here in my otherwise blurred and uninspiring environment. How would I do it? I’m not very sure. But I know I need to be more involved with the students, to engage them and push them beyond what they are currently doing. Going further. Not satisfied with the status quo. Good clich├ęs to turn into real practice.
Let’s see if I will and can do it.


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