21 December 2007

1st week of Holidays

The long awaited school holidays are finally here for me. After 2 weeks of winding down and settling my timetabling matters, I finally got to start my 3 week long school holidays. Great! Well, ok, after a blinking of the eye, it's one week gone and two weeks left.

Day one was spent on fetching kid to Kumon Maths class and then an unplanned trip to bring father-in-law down for a hospital appointment. Bought 3 weekend car coupons too.

Accompanied my wife for her pap smear test on day 2 and then to the hair stylist for my 3 women to have their hair cut. Not bad, $5 per person, for a home-cut. We went down to Marine Parade Hans for lunch and went back home after that.

For day 3, my older girl accompanied me to office and we scanned about 280 photos into digital format and saved them into a thumb drive. That took a day of work!

Day 4, we went for our CG Christmas party. It was a wet day. Originally, we were supposed to have 15 guests, but it turned out to be only 2 in the end. By the time of the program, the guests disappeared, and we just had our normal food, carols and gift exchanges. That's what usually happened when there is no real push - we tend to be spiritually lazy. Well, for myself I got the vitamins C as present. My girls got to know Dino - a 6 year old Schnauzer well.

Day 5 was spent at Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East. It costs us $42 for four of us but it was really fun. It also came with $12 rebate which we used for our KFC lunch. We were there from 11:30am till 4pm. The water slides were great! The sun was very hot and we are went back with a tan.

Day 6? Tomorrow we'll know... hopefully it doesn't rain..

So far, it has been fun, fun and more fun. Not much time for personal reflections though. However there was ample time for family which is good. I'm also quite regular in my QT, thankfully. Let's see what the next 2 weeks brings.


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