14 November 2007

A Year Older

I am past the 40 year old mark, and today is approaching mid-40s. It's a scary though actually that I have pass the half-way mark and am steadily approaching the end of my life.

Well, today I still need to work. The difference is that I'm going to the gym after work and am thus driving to work at 6am. At the office, I was pleasantly surprised by my 3 colleagues who gave me presents and even sang an impromptu song for me. I was touched that they remembered and gave me something.

Did my previous colleagues remember? Not that i knew of. In my previous job, it was one of those monthly circulated birthday cards, that after a while, you just sign it for the sake of signing. Now this is different, they remembered unannounced. My sis-in-law, bro-in-law, DG member, mum and sister also remembered and SMS/called me too. Now on the receiving end, I knew what it meant to the birthday person. It felt nice to be remembered and that you have someone out there who cares for you. Of course, my wife and 2 gals remembered too.

After work, I went to the gym for my once a week gym workout. Today was my 3rd time. Each week, I will attempt to run 10km as fast as I can. My 1st attempt in the gym was 80 plus minutes. Last week, was slightly more than 70 plus minutes. Today, was my best effort so far, 57:39! i was very pleased as it was my best timing in all these years - even faster than my 1996 attempt.

Did I do anything spiritual today? After bathing, I sat in the car, before the 7pm move out time, and I decided to listen to Christian songs. The song about "All that I am" spoke to me. It was about giving back to God all that I have and am. I was thinking that my life now is not very meaningful nor impressive. But i believe that God can make something good out of it. And i would like to give that to the Lord. Take it Lord, and make it into something beautiful.

At night, we went to Swensons BPP to celebrate. The gals were 20 mins late and I was angry with them. But ok, after a while the anger subsided. We had a good time eating and posing for photos too.

Well another birthday had passed. A year older now.


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