10 November 2007

Where's my HP?

I felt my pockets for my HP. Eh, where is it? Did I accidentally dropped it in my colleagues' car? Or while walking to the carpark? Or in the office? A hundred questions race through my mind now. And I had better called my wife to inform her that she may not be able to reach me. But wait, how do you call without a handphone?

We have all grown so used to a HP that if one day, like now, you lost your HP, your life will come to a grinding halt. I cannot call anybody as I don't have a spare phone card. There is also no phone booths around here. And worse, besides my wife's number, I can't remember anyone else.

It was just one of those 'bad' days where everything that you planned to do was disrupted. It was those 'back pedalling' days where everything was threw aside so that you can retrieve that one important thing. Sometimes that back-pedaller was someone falling sick, or, an accident. Whatever it was, it sure brought a scowl and a frown to me.

How do I respond to such things? I frown and I cursed and swore. But, perhaps it was one of those divine appointments? I was especially alert after that for anything unusual or people that I meant which I normally won't. The only unexpected person was my colleague - 2nd time that when i went back, I bumped into her. Hmm, what Is God trying to tell me here?

Well, thank God when I made it back to the office, the handphone was there all these while, waiting for me to pick it up.

But I've learnt an important lesson - always have a back up list of important tel nos. Now I keep some key numbers in my wife's hp, just in case this happens again ;-)

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