18 November 2007

Walking our boy Ernie

Today is one of those rare days that the 4 of us walked Ernie (my 1 year old Jack Russell) together. Usually it's either me or at most with my younger daughter. But today, my wife gamely joined us, as she wanted to see Ernie run freely.

And he did not disappoint. He ran so freely that he chased after every motorcycle and person walking by. We were a bit ashamed that he is "un-control-able" and wild. He also frightened us twice as he dashed off to chase the passing motorbike.

It was the 1st time that I accidentally let him loose, and for two times in a single session! My 3 ladies were very unhappy with me - Ernie was their pride and life! I got a severe fright too, and promptly scolded and bit him to remind him not to do that again (not that it worked...)

Ahh, this boy, what shall we do with him?

Well despite the scares, it was good that our family can come together for a little walk. It would have been a longer walk if not for the weather. Hopefully this can spark off more walks together? My ladies are homely creatures, preferring to be watching TV at home, or lazing on the bed on a hot Sunday afternoon. This poor daddy has been delegated to do the manly task of walking the dog on a nice hot afternoon weekend ;-)


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