1 November 2007

Verse meditations Ps 100:1-3

This is my latest verse that i have memorised while walking to the bus-stop at 5:40am a few days ago. It marks a new change in my life now. Hitherto I will walk half-asleep to the bus-stop and in that sleepy state travel all the way to work. Now as I walked, I will take out my verses, written on the back of my little-used name cards, and meditate and memorise at the same time. It has turned out to be fun and enriching too. Try it!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! What kind of noise do i usually make? Sometimes it's grunts of complaints. Other times, it's sighs of frustrations. Occasionally, it's bursts of cheers and songs. Make a joyful noise. Summon your hearts to make that noise - and make it a joyful one. Pull together your body members. Align them for praise.

This joyful noise is to be made to the Lord. He alone deserves all our praises. Definitely not our human works or man's supposedly wonderful capabilities.

All the earth is to make that joyful noise. All the earth? When will that be? Now there are still millions who do not know Him. Is it a hyperbole? Or is it a desire, a calling forth by the psalmist? Anyway, this joyful noise is to be made by all to the Lord. So let's all raise the joyful noise to Him.

It's amazing how one phrase and one verse can be mined for its deep riches. No wonder the Word of God is so rich and deep, and it will in fact take a life time to discover the riches of His Word. My SP used to remark that some of the Bible scholars are so deep that he will take 3 lifetimes to catch up with them. While that exalts the scholar, it also shown me how much deep treasures are contained in His Word.

Be a digger today. Mine His deep treasures and be blessed.


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