2 November 2007

Time to grow up?

On Friday night in our church meeting, the speaker was sharing on service in church ministries. He exhorted us to serve and not let past burdens or difficulties hinder us from serving. Some Christians are easily hurt and he ask them to grow up instead of pulling back and refusing to serve.

On one hand, while I agree it is important to grow up and not let past bad experiences hinder the potential server, I feel that those who are providing the ministry opportunities should also examine themselves to see if they are unwittingly the culprit. Have they put in place difficult burdens or task oriented leaders who lacked the human touch? Have the ministry occasionally became more important than the person?

I am a people person and I think can pick up these things more easily. However I was not always like that. I have changed over the years, from a task leader to a more caring people oriented person. I now see the importance of people and value relationships. Maybe I'm getting older.

Question for myself - am I still waiting for someone to invite me to serve? Am I procrastinating because of past hurts? Is it not time for me to grow up and serve God and not men?


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