4 November 2007

Sunday Worship Reflections

Today is the swansong sermon for the preacher in church. After 2 years, he is moving back to the marketplace and going to be stationed in Brussels, Belgium to work for an airline company. He came in when I was leaving church, and he always strike me as an intellectual, a man of letters. His presence on the pulpit certainly lifted up the standards of spoken English and pronunciation. But like most other speakers, in my opinion, the level of authenticity and connection can be improved. I find that they are good in the "whys" but stopped short of giving good guides for the "hows".

Despite the above comments, I like his questions posed as an applicational guide for us. What are you doing to guard your gates (i.e. guard your Sabbath rest)? What are things to stop doing? What are some things to start doing? How will you reflect on Sundays?

Sabbath Sundays, or weekends for me are usually spent lazing around at home. Friday evenings are usually occupied with IDT (Intentional Discipling Training) in church, followed by supper with wife. Saturday mornings are leisurely breakfast times with wife again (my gals usually chose to skip breakfast for tv). Lunch is simple fare - cup noodles at home. Usually we may go out on Saturday afternoons, followed by dinner with grandparents. Sat night - EPL, watching my favourite MUFC beat up the other teams!

Sundays are in church for the 8am service, followed by grocery shopping. Lunch is again cup noodles at home, or the occasional picnic lunch with doggie walks. Afternoons are for naps followed by a long run before dinner at home. Sunday night is for ironing and blogging.

Is my Sabbath weekend well spent? Is it spent with Jesus? Besides the occasional longer QT on Sat, it is mainly no - more family related things, to keep the family going.

What are some things to stop doing? Not sure.

What are some things to start doing? Plenty. Sat morning play time with gals. There has to be better things for the gals to do beside watching tv. Got to re-start the badminton - exercising regime. Sat noon to 3 is a dangerous time. If I do not guard it well, I tend to slack and waste it in mindless surfing. Need to do some reading or blogging here. I have to work in a time for the gals to meet my folks too. Now the frequency is once in 3-4 weeks, not very good at all.

My weekends are generally short and crammed. Need to slot in time for ministry too - an area which I have neglected. I think perhaps it's not just the Sabbath weekends that need to be re-looked, but the weekdays too. For me, I want to continue the good habit of meditating on the IDT verses. Last week did Ps 100:1-5, Ps 121:1-4, Ps 73:25-28 and Ps 39:4,9. Great! Will start a new pack this week.

Yes, I am excited that things are moving well again. Praise God.


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