11 November 2007

Private fault lines have public consequences

One cannot fail to forget this phrase as he walks out from the sanctuary today, "Private fault lines have public consequences". It was drummed into us over and over again by the speaker today. I appreciated the repetitions. I think it was one of the most important lessons to learn in life. Be very careful of hiding secret sins in private. It is so important to have a band of brothers to be accountable to.

Many of us have the wrong mental attitude of 'It's a small thing' and 'I can handle it'. But failed to realise that such fault lines are subtle. They are no respecter of persons - Solomon, the wisest of all persons fell for it. The priests of the day, the holy people, fell too. And these subtle fault lines defiles us, and corrupts our faith, ultimately destroying us.

The speaker's main concern is that while we can win the battle for today's souls, we may lose the war in tomorrow's generation. The key obstacle is in our next generation - our children. We are fighting difficult battles in our Sunday Schools and homes. Most of the time we have little answer to the media, internet and now, Youtube.

And why are we losing the next generation? The Bible places the task, not to the church, but to the fathers. And we fathers are losing the war because of the busyness of our work and the tearing apart of our private fault lines (sins).

The message spoke to me today as a father who is losing the battle to align my girls to the Word of God. I may be getting my own spiritual act in place finally, but for my kids and spouse, I am still far from it. I have neglected God's commands in Deuteronomy to teach the Word to my kids.

I started out with a 'great-let's-do-it' attitude. But after a while, with work pressures, soccer watching, and other compromises, I begin to lag behind. Now I find it difficult to broach the subject, especially to my younger gal. Lord, help me. I have failed badly here, as a father. It is easier to mentor adults, and sometimes even youths, as long as they are not yours.

I was also touched by the speaker's true account of his grandpa's love for his wife.At her dying bedside, sensing that she had died, he wept for her. But he also sang a hymn for her and gave thanks to God that their love could last when many said that it would not last beyond a bag of rice (because of the 12 years age difference, she was older).

My relationship with my wife was far from that. We have our fair share of frequent fights and quarrels, most of the time over finance. Here in this regard, the speaker correctly pointed out that it was not over money per se, but power, a contest of wills.

Isn't it good to be in the house of the Lord? Come and give thanks to Him. Come and hear and let your life be transformed. Heal the private fault lines before it erupts. Go out and share His goodness and glory.

Praise God.


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