11 November 2007

Ministry through Song

"I just want to be where you are..." This is one song that touches my heart over and over again. I remember the Life bookshop near Anson Road area was where i first heard this song. I was into my second job then as a young man, late 20s, struggling to find meaning in my work. Weekends was where I come alive in the BB ministry. Weekdays was where I have to earn my keep and think of ideas for the ministry. Something was wrong. I was more like a fulltime worker disguised as a worker in the marketplace.

Hence when this song was played over the in house system, my heart was touched. Hey, i just want to drop everything and go straight away to serve God in the capacity of a BB fulltime officer, and do nothing but BB youth ministry work.

Of course, now I knew better. It was just my youthful enthusiasm. But it was one part of my heart and at one point in my life that I really and fully long for God. Ps 27:4 became very real for me.

At other times, in CG, in worship services, in devotion sessions when I were leading, this song also came to be very meaningful to me whenever it was sung or led with. I guess in my heart there is a big part of me that just want to be where the Lord is. To dwell in the house of the Lord, to glaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple.

Today too, as the song was sung, it surfaced up the same longings. Not to be a fulltime worker, but to be just where the Lord is. Enjoying His presence and beauty.

How I wished for my family to learn that too. Most of us have little time for anything else, except for work. It is thus refreshing to give that time back to God on a Sabbath Sunday. Now to learn how to do that...(as my family are not exactly very near to God)


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