25 November 2007

Home Alone

I am all alone at home for the next few days, all of them are not around except for my dog. My wife flew away for a short holiday with her friend. I have placed my 2 girls with my in-laws as there is no way I can look after them during their holiday period. It will be a lonely and deserted home for the next 4 days.

It started with 4:30 am this morning. We were all awake to fetch her to the airport. I was very sleepy, after watching soccer, where my MUFC lost to Bolton (so depressing!!). After fetching them with the gals too, we return and slept till 9:45. Oops, we missed church! I fetched the girls to my in-laws place and arrived just in time for early lunch. Left after lunch to go home and buy bread for the week. Brought our Ernie boy for his once a week walk too. Did not go jogging today as it was raining heavily at late afternoon.

Went dinner at Kopitiam this evening all by myself. It was a lonely time sitting all by myself. I am reminded of my pre-marriage days where for years, I ate alone. In silent sadness.

Well, it's alright. it will be over soon. Just got to occupy myself. An empty mind is the devil's favourite workshop.


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