25 November 2007

Highest PSLE marks

The recent Straits Times article (see http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/Singapore/STIStory_179386.html?vgnmr=1) reported that a Malay girl from St Hilda’s scored the highest PSLE marks, 294 out of a possible aggregate score of 300. It was an incredibly high score given her circumstances and non-pedigree upbringing (technician father and homemaker mother). Way to go! Certainly holds out much hope for the rest of us common folks.

While much fuss is given to her, and perhaps rightly so, since she is from the ‘minority’ race here, I just wonder, in years to come will it do her any good? I mean, when you apply for jobs in future, would you list out your PSLE score? Will the employer ask for your PSLE (primary school results)?

The key to me, more importantly, is can she continue to be consistent in her results? Especially in the University results, where it matters more. Many are good-starters, but importantly, we need to be good finishers. Well, not that she isn’t – we would not know now. But the thought that came to me is on finishing well, especially after a brilliant start.

Personally, I had average results in PSLE. Nobody ever asked me what those were any more. My “O” levels were also pretty average – not that it mattered anymore now too. Nobody looks at my “A” level results too, only my University results, which were, sadly, just a General degree after a 4 year course, no honours, no 1st class whatsoever. Did they matter? I guess to a degree. But more importantly, my work experiences and how I carried myself at the job interviews mattered more.

Now? While I still wanted to pursue some studies (I had attained 2 Masters), I had to reserve the finances for my wife to do hers first. For me, I would like to do a work related diploma that will give me an opportunity to teach in another department if called upon. Maybe a business related diploma.
Well, we’ll see how it goes from here. My family still needs to be fed.


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