18 November 2007


What is a good age to let your children have a handphone? I have asked that question to a few of my colleagues, and the answers vary from 11-12 years old to teenage years. I never expected that my own daughter, now only 7 years old, would have hers yesterday!

It all started when my wife's Nokia 6280 was spoilt. After about 2-3 years, of intermittent reliability, it finally gave way, and the screen died on her. In her rush to get it replaced, she looked around and got a Sony Ericsson, T250i. It was not exactly a great HP, but functional and within our financial limits. At home, she preferred my Nokia 6233, and we swopped. My older daughter, who holds a Nokia 5070, later swopped with me, as my job requires me to SMS many students at the same time, which the Sony Ericsson cannot. So it was an interesting game of merry-go-round of HPs. When my wife bought the HP, she was given the M1 card (value $18), and since we have an old Sony Ericsson clam shell HP at home, we passed the HP and card to my girl. Now she has her own real HP (no need to pretend anymore)!

She was very excited about it naturally. We mused, when I 1st got my HP, I was in my 30s. My dad only got his when he was 70. When my older girl got hers, she was 10 years old, now at 7 she got hers, albeit a very old one. She excitedly selected her ring tones, wallpapers, message tones, and lamented, "Mummy, why no one calls me on my hp?" Sigh..

Now all 4 of us have HPs. That only means more telephone bills for me, and tidy profits for the telcos.


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