8 November 2007

Growing up years

"Daddy, I got all band one!" my elder girl excitedly told me the other day, "Do I get anything?" My quick reply was, "Well done, but no, girl, we are on a tight budget. You only got papa's love." Sigh. But, thankfully she brought in the required grades.

Here in Singapore's education system, instead of "As", they have grouped it into Band 1 and Band 2 for Bs, Band 3 for Cs. She is also taking Higher Chinese in Primary 5 next year. I'm a bit uncertain, but her teachers suggested it and said that she should be able to cope. Okay, we'll try for it.

What about Mei-mei (the younger one) ? I am concerned when there is silence, as usually she would be the one to brag about her marks. Alright, we'll wait till next week, hopefully she did not fail any subject. She is the tough one to teach and settle down to study.

How quickly the 2 of them had grown! I was just flipping through the photo albums the other day. What a sweet 3 year old toddler and a cute baby - then. Now all that had disappeared and what was left, were the daily challenges of discipline, doing homework and cutting down on the tv.

Were my grades as good then? I was pretty average, definitely not all As material. She has definitely surpassed me in this regard. But she's pretty sedentary, staying at home most of the time, preoccupied with computer games or Hong Kong TV serials. I was footballing and badmintoning in my younger days.

Now, we're discussing about their CCAs. For the older gal, we will sign her up for swimming. The younger one, wushu in school and swimming/ballet. Better get them into some exercises so that they can grow taller and stronger. Now both of them are about half a head shorter than their classmates.

Yup, growing up pains ... and joys.


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