16 November 2007

Discipleship Exams

Today is the Final term check up for our church's discipling program. I was a bit anxious as there was really a lot to study. But another reason for the anxiety is that I don't want to score the lowest and/or below 70. My earlier results were 85 and 75, and i hope to better that. Funny, and I thought that this was supposed to be a spiritual thing! How the worldly ideas have crept in.

I guessed my attitudes towards this training can be better. I did not put my whole heart into it this pass one year. Especially for the scripture memory, I coasted along, and when it got difficult, I just try to do it, not bothering about being word perfect. That is just plain lazy and indifference on my part.

My DG members really put me to shame. They made cards for the memory verses, printed and laminated too! Their scores were scary - mostly above 90, and as high as 98( today's high score). I as their leader, scored way below that.

For this exam today, I put in slightly more effort. For the past 1-2 weeks, I started daily memorising of scriptures in the morning as i walked to the bus stop. I started to study for the exam on Monday night. In the end i score 80, ok not too bad. I dropped points for 2 verses which were from the earlier terms' and the evangel cube part where they changed the format.

To the outsider, all these Christian exams may sound strange and worldly. For me, I think it is a good way to "force" me to study what i should know as a Christian. i would be too lazy to commit all these to memory if not for the exams. Also, my attitudes are surfaced through the exams. What is my attitude when I study for it? Grudgingly or with delight as they are the Word of God?

If not for anything, the best part of all these is that i came away memorising scriptures again, which is very good and needed for me. Great!


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