11 November 2007

Dialogues with my Muslim colleague

It has been a long time since I had a Muslim colleague. In my 1st job, I had a few, but I was not comfortable to discuss religious matters. I was still learning the art of conversing with others then as I was a very introverted person. There were no Muslim colleagues in my 2nd, 3rd and 4th job. Now there are 2 Muslims, 2 Indians, and 4 pre-believers in my department alone! Great. And I am much more friendlier and at ease with others now.

It all started with this Muslim colleague asking which church i was from. Interesting isn't it? I don't even need to crack my head to think of how to speak about Christ to her - she started first! We spoke about generalities about the faith and denomination differences. Suddenly it shifted to seeing spirits, I can't remember why, and we were really engaged.

She has a stay-in visiting spirit. They even had a name for her, Apollos, and yes, they knew it was a she. This spirit disturbs the family for a long time and can be seen by the youngest boy. She told us of how she can sense its presence by the 'dense-ness of the air' and by the foul smell. Their dogs would bark at it and retreated if the ball is thrown at the spirit's direction. It was all interesting stuff. I would share some of my encounters in my previous job. And we had a lively discussion.

The next occasion, I got bolder and asked her how she became a Muslim. She was a Catholic in her younger days. Her family now was catholic too. But she was converted after a dream where she sensed the presence of allah talking to her and saving her from calamity.

What a change! While I hear of many stories of Jesus appearing and converting Muslims, here was one incident in the other direction - allah appearing and converting her, a RC.

I also asked her how she would feel if she is invited to a Christian rally. She said that she would not go as she is beyond that age to change.

If one dream can change her allegiance, I am praying for Jesus, the King of kings, to appear in her dreams, to correct her view, and to bring her back to Himself.

Work Lord in her dreams and in her life. Let her come to know you soon.


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