1 November 2007

A Deeper Walk with God - different QT approach

Each daily Quiet Time is a real face to face encounter with the Almighty. Who are we to be given the privilege to meet Him? Yet in His love for us, we are granted that wonderful privilege to enter His presence and to commune with Him unhindered.

How then should we meet God? I would not dare to have a format for all to follow. But what is on the market is usually too simple, too quick and too touch-and-go only. There is simply no time to enjoy the encounter with God. And subsequently, little depth in our spiritual lives.

This is a new approach on Quiet Time materials. It is different from the conventional Daily Bread QT styles. It has 5 key components to anchor the disciple to a deeper walk with the LORD.

3 Inward Invocations:
a) Fresh and deep insights from the Word (through observations). What does my eye see and my senses feel?
b) Sustained interests and deeper reflections by pondering on what questions you may have on the text. (What curious questions do I have?)
c) Deep stirrings with an authentic touch (through authentic personal sharings – Divine Touch) What touches my heart?

2 Outward Expressions:
a) Prayer Response (our response to God as a result of reading His Word) What is my prayer response?
b) Action step for self and community (our response towards His people) What should my hands do?

I hope to faithfully cover the Gospel of Luke and then the Epistle of 1 Peter, followed by an Old Testament book (probably Narrative genre). This would have made my life meaningful and hopefully uncover for many others the joys of reading and applying His Word.

To God be all the glory!


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