10 November 2007

Birthday celebration

My sister sent me an SMS the other day, "want to meet and celebrate your birthday and younger brother's ?". I was pleasantly surprised but declined as I wanted to keep it simple. After all, I'm already over the mid-life mark, what is there to celebrate?

She was persistent and suggested another date. I finally gave in and agreed to meet on a Saturday evening for dinner. Though she was keen to set up the family gathering, there was not much coordination. But anyway, it is a family gathering, and if it is not that neat, it is still alright.

My family is like that. We hardly talk to each other - unlike my in-law side. So it was good for my sister to press on with this arrangement, for i am sure on our own, the 2 brothers will not arrange anything. Why are we so 'distant' with each other? We are all Christians, with no particular disagreements. I'm not sure. Maybe it was our upbringing - we are just not a closely knitted family.

Tonight, we came together, as a family: my sister and her 2 boys (husband did not join in as usual); my brother, wife and 2 kids; and my family, meeting in our brother's home. Pot-luck dinner. My mum did not cook, but left most of the cooking to my brother's wife/maid. While the kids played the X-Box, the adults busied themselves with our potluck dinner set-up.

Tonight was also the 1st time that I set together with my brother to take a joint birthday photo together. How interesting! We gather and eat and played some games (XBox and card games) and then we departed.

Well, that's our family. It could have been worse. But for all it is, I think we tried to come together and make it a happy gathering, at least for our parents' sake. Would we still meet when they are not around? I hope so. I think my sister will still be the initiator.

Let's see...


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