28 October 2007

Sunday Worship

Today's Sermon was on Tithing Renewed and it dealt with three significant questions:
- The Historical Question (What?)
- The Theological question (Why?)
- The Personal Question (How?)

I was reminded from the Word that I have not been faithful in tithing and giving. As a good guide, the 1st 10% of our income (don't quibble over gross or nett!) is to be given to God under tithing. From the 90% of the rest of our income, we give the freewill gifts and offerings. Tithing was instituted by God to teach us about God. He wants us to trust Him to provide for us and know that He is a giver. Giving in that sense detoxifies the soul and strengthens our trust in Him. Those who struggle to tithe will also struggle to trust in God to provide.

In this regard, I quiver in my seat. I am far from it though I can teach it and encourage others to do so in many times. When it comes to the crunch, I failed. Why? Humanly, I weigh what I have to spend with what I have on hand. Rationally, I knew it cannot balance and I hold back. Humanly and rationally but not spiritually. I knew it is wrong, yet I continued to walk by sight and not in faith. Sigh. From where does my help come? It can be indeed a heavy burden.

Yet in all these, today I was encouraged by the worship song, "You Shine" and in these 2 sentences, "why should I give up, when your plans are full of love..." Yes, I should press on and hope in Him.

There is always hope with God.


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