2 October 2007

Once a "Mighty Men"

Reading today's passage in 2 Sam.23:8-39, reminded me about myself - i was once a mighty men. Maybe, not MIGHTY men, but at least in a small way. But how this mighty man has fallen!

The writer of 2Samuel, used the phrase "the three" mighty men about 5x in the passage. What made these 3 mighty? I felt that they were singled out because they:
- defied the Philistines,
- slained 800 enemies at one time,
- while others withdrew & fled, they stood and fought and won
- they took their stand, defended it, and struck their enemies
- they were fiercely loyal and brave
Abishai was brave and great. He killed 300 at one go, but he did not make it to the three. It seems to suggest here that you need to slain more than 300 at one go to make it to "the three". That's the three's minimum standards.

The deeper lesson, I feel, is not so much about their exploits and killings. But it is about when they held on in the battle, when others fled, God knew and was with them, and He gave them the victory. The phrase, "and the Lord brought about a great victory" was repeated twice, in Eleazar and Shammah's exploits. Don't miss that. It's not about us, but all about Him.

Why did they fight on while others fled and withdrew? I felt, these three believed in their cause, they had something to fight for. And they knew that God will be with them and not abandoned them. They had faith - charging on faith and hanging on faith.

The question for myself as I read this passage is: do i have a cause to fight for? Now? And, do i still believe that God will be here to bring about that great victory?

I used to be mighty in that sense. I served well in the BB ministry. Hang on and did great exploits for God, touched lives, etc. But all those were in the past now. It has been 1.5 years since.

And it is time to have another cause to fight for.


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