28 October 2007

Life Mission Statement Revisited

I pick up my Life Mission Statement written in 1 Nov 1997, ten years ago recently. How fast ten years have passed. When I read what I have written then, it both inspired and shamed me. I also learnt some interesting lessons on Personal Mission Statements.

What did I wrote then? It was first written on 6 Nov 1996 and then revised one year later. Here goes...

"My life must be lived deliberately. Abundantly. Progressively. It must be Bibilically directed and not self-driven. Faith based and not circumstances dependent. I must seize the day, each day to the last day of my life, as night is coming where no man can work (Jn.9:4)

As God's Son, I want to know Him deeply and inspire others, all over the world, to know Him deeper throughout my sojourn on earth. I want to make my heart completely His (2 Chr.16:9) - in personal holiness and in serving out His purposes on earth.

As a Family person, I want to keep family relationships as key in my life. To love and provide for my wife, my children, my parents, family members and relatives. People are always important, especially those of my kin.

As a Church member, I want to train up leaders for the church, local and worldwide, To share with them the joy and value in serving, not for the short term but life-long. To support my leaders and missionaries unwaveringly. To give consistently and sacrificially.

- my vital contributions is in the area of training. Training leaders for CGs, ministries and leaders.
- My secondary passion is to win communities for Christ (West - Bt Panjang/Hong Kah). To move into schools, institutions, community work groups, etc, to exploit situations for the gospel.

As a Full Time Worker in the area of ministry coordination, I want to excel in the area of Church governance and administration. To constantly identify and learn from the best in the field. To implement desired policies and plans with unflinching stubbornness (Eze.3:8,9a)

As a Citizen of the Earth, I want to contribute by lovingly and humbly serve the disabled, destitute and elderly of all nations, race or religions.

I want to live a life with no regrets."

In a way, I was inspired by what I wrote then. But now, 10 years older, I knew that a lot of what I have written then is indeed a tall order. I can have a nice sounding goal/vision, but what I really lacked is the will power and ability to bring it to fruition. I am not any where near what I have envisioned.

So was it an academic exercise of time and effort wasting? I think it is suitable for some people but perhaps for the vast majority of ordinary people, they need to be tempered by many reality checks and mentoring.

What made it difficult for me now to still do the above written aspirations is that I have been emotionally (and spiritually?) damaged. The heart is only a bit willing and the flesh is too worn out by now.

Will I write or re-write another life mission statement now? Maybe. Perhaps a more down to earth one, aiming for lesser things and letting God me into other unknowns. We all mellow wuth age and tiredness.

I will choose to let it evolve round 3 key questions.

1) What am I doing now? Am I happy with it? What is right and what is not right now?

2) What are some key areas that I want to live for (contribute in)?

3) How do I get there? What does it take to get there?

Let's see what happens in the next 5-10 years.


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