14 October 2007

Hope for our Messed-up lives

Is there still hope for us? Some of us have reach the point that we seriously doubt whether there would still be a happy tomorrow for us because of our hopelessly messed-up lives. We hang down our shoulders and our countenance and drag ourselves to work each day. No joy. No strength. No life in our steps.

The speaker today gave me a new sense of hope. In the Old Testament, the Moabites and the Ammonites have sinned against the Israelites in Numbers 22-24, and were judged by God to be excluded from the assembly later on in Nehemiah 13. But today we are reminded that though one is a Moabite, there is still hope for them to be reconciled with God, even though the tribe as a whole is excluded. Ruth, serves for us the prime example. Ruth who is a Moabite was included in the assembly through her expression of faith to God and her obedience. She went on to become the great grandmother of David, and one of the 4 women to be mentioned in the line of ancestors to Christ. God is not so unforgiving after all.

Today in my own situations, I received hope from the example of Ruth. Though my circumstances seem dark and impossible, it is not impossible with God. He will make a way for me. However i will need to walk in it in obedience.

My sermon applications for today is 2 fold. Re-start scripture memory. Do not be complacent and satisfied with 70+ marks for check ups when I can do better. Second, start serving again. For a start, work on Befrienders Ministry and minister to whoever is there. I have an inkling to start a little "Listening Booth" for whoever is in need of a listening ear. This is something that i can do well. Maybe i can do that from next Sunday onwards. Serve. It is more for my good then for the person I'm 'ministering' to.


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