24 October 2007

Flu-ed for 4 days

Oh it was miserable to be down by sickness, and in this case a strong bout of flu. It started last Wednesday after some screaming at the students. In the evening the throat worsened and I knew that it is about time to visit the doctor and to take my 1st MC after 1 and a half year.

Saw the doctor on Thursday, and it cost me S$43 for 10 mins of consultation, 3 kinds of tablets, and a wonderful sheet of paper declaring me unfit for duty for 2 days! I was a bit kia-su, called up my colleague, then my EA, then another colleague, just to make sure that all the bases are covered.

Did I have a good rest? Well for the 1st day, I carried out my fatherly and husbandly chores. Rest only came in the late afternoon, and then only for a short 2 hours. By the 2nd day, the flu was full blown and I felt really horrible. The weekend was wasted - resting at home.

This flu reminded me of one thing. My body does has limitations and it is about time I have some rest.

Well it does have a good outcome. I started to meditate on Bible verses on Monday, and has since memorised and meditated on Ps 39: 4,9; Ps 73:25,26, 27,28. Not too bad!


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