13 October 2007

Books Read

Yet another book read this month. This is entitled, "Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism" by Patricia Aburdene, 2005, published by Hampton Roads.

This 179 page hardback has one simple message, Capitalism (for profits only) is dying, and being transformed spiritually by conscious choices. It records the rise of spiritually in the business place, the advent of the values-driven consumer, and the transformational of the marketplace towards green and spirituality.

It is simple to read and packed with many of the same examples of the turning tide. Ok we are aware..

Take home for myself - the world is changing and back to a search for God. While some do it through meditation and yoga, others allow gradual introduction of prayers, sharing sessions, and meditations. In the midst of a fast paced world, they are recognising that they need God again - though they may not openly admit it, and call it by other terms.

While walking through Harris Book shop at Orchard MRT, I spotted some books that I want to look up at the library. They are:

I'll hunt them down on my next library visit..Viva reading!


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