16 September 2007


Today was one of those Sundays that I wished to sleep longer and perhaps skip church. But I'm glad we did not. Each Sunday is indeed a challenge in obedience.

SP exhorted us to do our best in IDT. (The mid term check up was just over on Friday. I the DGL, got the lowest, at 72.5) He shared about Aunty Margaret, who though diagnosed with mild dementia, and had to look after her ailing husband, slogged through it all and came away with 98 marks! I was ashamed twice over. !st as the lowest in my DG, and now through Aunty Margaret's example. I am too complacent. Though i did study, it was not with an attitude of excellence, but one of reluctance, wanting to do just enough so that I would not be very embarrassed. Sigh, I am really not a very good DGL.

Sermon today was preached by Ps Chua. He was at his usual best, being funny and yet prophetic in forthrightness. His sermon today was on "Giving that Counts" from Neh.10:32-39. I was struck by my lack of willingness to give God my best, but rather giving God my leftovers. I am still like that, giving God my leftovers, and making the excuse that I had little to start with anyway. I need to change. I need to plan to give. Not simply fishing out a small loose change for respectability as the offering bags are passed.

I am also touched through the sermon to serve again. Pastor story on a memberl who reserved his big amount to give next Saturday at the Anniv dinner touched me. Here we have leaders who wanted to encourage others, especially those who served well. I reflected on my own life. I had served well for 15 years, and then stopped for 1 and a half years now. I want to serve again, and to be like these who show the way on what real service is for the Lord. Show me the way forward Lord. Let me be in a ministry that will be beneficial for your Kingdom and for my recovery.

For my wife today, she also experienced a divine appointment in meeting up with another lady whom she will definitely not meet if she had not gone to the information counter. This lady gave us a good lead on where and how to find a maid. We were thrilled, as we see it to be God's leading for us in the way forward, and hopefully now the way is open for her to start working 12 years after she stopped after the birth of our 1st girl.

Praise God!

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