9 September 2007

Sermon Reflections

Today is my church's 29th Anniversary. I have celebrated 18 of their anniversaries before, some high key, going to hotel ballrooms, while the rest were quiet affairs in church with a mere mention that that day was the anniversary. Sometimes I wonder, who actually cared for that anniversary day? the congregation? or the church staff who had to plan something for it?

Today I gleaned several interesting insights and thoughts from the sermon and the worship service. First was through the worship song, "Hear us from heaven". I was reminded how sinful we are and how much we needed that cleansing and healing from God.

The worship leader was a friend of mine, formerly from East Zone. He was always an enthusiastic worship leader who worshipped and led with all his heart. What distinguished him from the rest of the worship leaders was his passion to worship and his depth of walk with God. These are visible and "feel-able" as he led the congregation to worship. How we really need more of such good men, who have the heart and maturity! Especially since he represent the 'older' generation too. It was indeed great to see someone in his mid fifties (i think) still serving actively and leading the way for the younger lot.

SP preached today on the essence of discipleship, which is to mentor on the 4 Ps of Perspective, Posture, Pragmatics and Power. For Perspective, he narrowed down to 4 irreducible minimums of: a faith worth having; a master worth following; a cause worth pursuing; and a life worth living.

Thoughts that hit home:
1. Basis of Christianity is walking with the Master, not seeing the Master. Our faith is not based on systems, but a living Master.
2. Whenever there is a down trodden saint, you can be sure the devil has been influencing and drawing him away from the Word. Let the Word speak into our lives and see the change.
3. Tests for discipleship: changes and choices. Is there a change after we become a Christian? Did our choices change?
4. Blueprint for discipleship is in the footprint of the Master. Follow Him closely.
5. Peter's words, "I am going fishing" in the present infinitive implies that he is going back to his old trade and is not following Christ. This bear much similarity to my situation, and I was struck by the poignancy of it. Why did Peter stop? SP mentioned that Peter felt unworthy because he has failed the Master, so he gave up the cause. Jesus restored him afterward and Peter went on to lead the church. God has not forgotten us, neither has He given up on us yet. Have I forgotten my cause? What is my cause now? 2 problems most of us faced: we gave up too soon; or we just go through the motions. Lord help me to pursue the cause again.
6. Nicodemus taught they knew everything, but Jesus told him, "You must be born again!". Similarly for us, we need new life. The good news is that we can be born again. God is able to do it for us. He gives us that source of hope to do so.
7. Ray Stedman said that all of us should have a B.A. and M.A. Born again and marvellously altered.

For me, of all these important thoughts, I am challenged not to go back to fishing, but to carry on to pursue the cause. In this pursuit, it may not mean a return to FTW, but wherever i am, to do his work of evangelism and producing fruits of Christ-likeness. I must not give up on myself nor forget the cause.

I also need the re-birth. My marriage, my family, my spiritual life, my ministry life - all these need a thorough re-birth and not to be delayed too.

The Word of God is indeed so real. Each Sunday in church, we can hear His voice coming through powerfully, speaking into our lives, into our needs. For me now, I need to obey. No more procrastination.


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