2 September 2007

Sermon Reflections (3)

We woke up late today. And after some frustrating attempts to wake up my tired kids, I gave up and went to church on my own. On my way there, as I walked, I pondered how difficult it is for the faith to be continued to my next generation.

During my time, I had to sneak out to go to church. I was zealous for my faith then. My parents were not for Christianity and though they did not make it very difficult for me, they had no good things to say about it either. Now, in my generation, I have to cajole and beg the 2 girls to wake up and go church. Sigh. How things have changed. My concern is in their faith levels - do they see God as someone important or as a family religion.

During worship time, I was touched by the phrase, "Empty hands but alive in God" from the song Majesty, by Hillsongs. I realised that in many ways, I was not alive but far from God. I need to return to Him.

My old boss preached today. I could see that he was much more comfortable now then before and have grown in his preaching (without notes too). His points, bible characters, stories and personal examples were all timely and apt. He is one who always gave application pointers - Bravo! His 3 points, be wholistic in applying the Word; be specific in applying the Word; and be recent in applying the Word were right on. How has my life been changed since the last week? is a particularly great question to ask.

I was touched by the story of his son and Asperger condition. Here, this godly couple were faced with a situation beyond them and were pushed to trust God for the answer that is still yet to come. Faith is needed. As God has helped him 17 years before in his poor results and bleak future, he is confident that God will help him again. Great faith! I felt that for some of us, though God has helped us before, we do not have such good memories to remember them. At other times, our faith may have wane and we forget about God's help in the past.

I remember too that God has helped me in the 1st year of my NUS supplementary exams. I thought at that time I would not make it beyond the 1st year. But God was good and I pulled through. And He has helped me many more times since.

For things and times that we have no immediate answers, let's remember again that He is the God that raises the dead. Why the dead? Death for almost all represent a NO hope situation. But God gives hope. He raised Lazarus and His Son Jesus. At the last day, we will all be raised too! Believe again in the God that raises the dead.

Remember too the words of the song that the preacher mentioned, "Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life." It will. He will cause it to. Because He cares for you and me.

Thank you Lord.

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