24 September 2007

My running record

My boss signed me up for the 10km year end run. While others run for the full marathon, I gamely take part in the 10km run (the quarter Marathon). Hey, it's no small feat for an aging fellow like me!

This afternoon, i ran at the canal near my home. Finished 6 kms at 53 mins. A bit slow, but not too bad. I'm going for completion, not personal best timings - don't want to be like those who dropped dead running!

During the 3 weeks of holidays, I'll run 3x a week, increasing a km each week. By the end of holidays, I'll run twice a week: Wed & Sunday. Hopefully this will prepare me to finish well on 2 Dec.

Running is a joy for me. Though i politely declined when my boss first asked me, I still took it up later and trained hard for it. In 1996 I completed the Marathon up to 3/4. Now I'll finish the 1/4 run and see whether I'll do again next year.

Run on, man!

PS1 - 4th Oct, ran 10km, 1 hr 21 mins.
ps2 - 14th Nov, ran 10km, 57:39
ps3 - 20th Nov, ran 10km, 56:07 Yeah!


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