4 September 2007

My Handphone died

On Monday night, suddenly for no reason and without warning, my Nokia 6233 decided to play me out. It just went blanked and when switched on, it could not boot up properly. I called Singtel, but was told that it was Nokia's fault not theirs. I switched the SIM card and verified that it was indeed Nokia's fault.

Today, I popped over to Century Square and reported the fault. On a normal day, this would have been impossible. But today, my bosses are not around and I do not have classes. Hooray!

I arrived there at 2 minutes before 11am, the official opening time and there was already a queue of about 7 persons. Nonetheless it was a quick wait of no more than 10 minutes. The Nokia sales staff told me to leave the phone there and collect it again on Friday.

Had lunch at the mall. Handmade meatballs noodles. When I ate them it reminded me of my paternal grandfather. He passed away many years ago. I actually don't really like him, nor remember much about him, except the meatballs that he made. Today's meatballs tasted just like his. Yummy. Wonder where is he now?

Lesson learnt from the HP episode? Always have a standby HP at home for times when your HP decides to take MC. I did not have an extra HP, but my daughter's is available and I used hers for the time being.

Thankfully God is not like that. He does not breakdown on you - suddenly. His lovingkindness are new EVERYDAY. And His grace are always sufficient for me. Praise God.


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