23 September 2007

My daughter (3)

"She has double heartbeat and heart murmur," my wife informed me today. My younger girl had a routine medical check up by the school and they detected an abnormality with her. The school advised us to go for an appointment on 1st Oct to verify the condition. We were stunned.

The doctor gave her a letter to excuse her from all exercises. She was the only one in class to receive that letter. She told us, "My teacher said that I am special. I cannot exercise for the time being."

When I read the contents of the letter, it advised us that we do not need to be alarmed. We just need to wait to hear from the specialist later on. My wife felt her heartbeat - it was indeed twice as fast as my older girl's. What does that mean? we are not sure. Is it very serious? Is it life threatening?

This girl has always been the source of our anger and frustrations. But suddenly, when these things happened - the school letter, the thought of the possibility of losing her to death becomes scary and real. I suddenly felt bad for all those times that I scolded her. There seems to be a different lens now and i ask myself, maybe I do not need to be so angry with her. So what if she did not bring her plates to the kitchen after dinner? So what if she is always rude? The crux suddenly becomes - what if she is taken away?

What will happen to her and to us? We don't know. We will wait for 1st Oct. And pray that God will show us the way. In the meanwhile, I try to be nicer to her.


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