4 September 2007

My 1st post Overseas trip gift from my daughter

"Daddy, this is for you! I bought it from Malaysia" said my daughter excitedly when we reached home after picking her up from school. I was not as excited as her, but smiled and said "Thanks!" nonetheless. It was my 1st gift from her after her overseas trip. It cost RM7 for what seemed to be a so-so pencil case/bag.

She was in primary 4 and this was her 1st trip overseas without us, only with her 59 other school students and teachers. They went on Monday morning in 2 coaches to Kuantan and KL, staying in hotels, 2 to a room. Not bad hotels too. And all I paid was S$55, the rest from her Edusave. Sure I paid for a lot of other things, like a new pair of track shoes, 2 sets of disposal raincoats, water bottle, handiplasts, mosquito screen pads, etc. that easily costs as much as the price of her trip ticket. But, never mind, it was good training for her to be independent. For the mummy, it was much harder, but they both need it.

I have yet to ask her what she learnt from the trip. For us, the days passed by so quickly that we did not fully miss her, saved for that night that mummy woke me up in the middle of the night, after her bad dream to pray for our girl.

Am I an un-caring father? Could I have done more? Not really. Maybe my wife worries more. Well, thank God she is back - safe and sound.


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