16 September 2007

Last day of term

Finally today is here! After 11 exhausting weeks of teaching, and preceded by 3 weeks of supposedly holidays but taken away by Student Seminar preparations, the final day of term is here. Whew. I certainly look forward to my well deserved 3 weeks of break.

For my last class this morning, I chose the easy way out and did a movie lesson - Mr Bean, the Ultimate Disaster Movie part2. The kids watch the movie, laughed, and did a worksheet on it and that's it - lesson finished. My ending was nothing dramatic - just "enjoy your holidays!". I could certainly have done better here. Realised that for myself, I can start with a bang, but usually end poorly. It's as if i do not have the energy to last till the end.

The other thing that weighed heavy on my mind was the time table matters. I had forgotten about the PE part and now there were 3 classes to reallocate. One of them can be easily done, but not the other two. At the end of the day, it was still not solved, and I had to come back on Monday to settle it - 1st day of "holidays" gone :-(

In between these pressing things, we had a celebration of my colleague's birthday, a mini farewell of another colleague - her last day; another farewell - a colleague transferring to another department; and an ISD talk for the department. By 5.40pm as I walked out of the door, I was totally washed out and emotionally drained, with time tabling concerns still overhanging.

But at least the holidays are here! Yeah.

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