16 September 2007

Emceeing at friend's wedding

It has been a long while since I was emcee for weddings. The last time must have been more than 15 years ago. That time, I was the more popular choice for wedding emcee. My specialty was in putting grooms on the spot with 'embarrassing' questions, requests and reflections on what they did before.

Today's session was a breeze. Eventhough the last minute request for a Hokkein song was slotted in seamlessly. I think I had this knack of communicating and putting people at ease. I do not have much stage fright and am very comfortable on stage. I would have made a good duty pastor if they had roster me last time. Oh well..

The only boo-boo was my suit. I had buttoned them wrongly - 2nd button to the 1st hole and so on with the last button sticking out without being holed. The end result is that my suit was one end higher than the other! Oh dear, what an embarrassment. But never mind - don't take myself seriously - just have a good laugh over it ;-)

I was happy for the groom and bride. After a long courtship, and weathering the unhappiness of their parents, the wedding finally materialised. For some, the long to marriage is hard. For others, everything just seem to click. Maybe their test comes after marriage?

Rev Oh BK was just fantastic as a preacher. His interaction with the newly weds in his sermon and his rapport with the audience were superb. The interesting thing was that when I approached him to ask for the translator, he was asking me whether he was to preach in Mandarin or another dialect! He is certainly an experienced old hand in this area. No one would have known that he can be so flexible and so convincing in his sermon delivery!

I was reminded again of my wedding vows to my wife. It was 12 years ago. And i have since become complacent and neglected my vow to love her. Time to do it right.

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