16 September 2007

Books read

After "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", I read the following:

1. Heartwork - Chan Chin Bock, EDB. It's a story about the growth of EDB. It contains many interesting anecdotes on how Singapore is able to draw in big investors to set up factories here.
2. Asian Insider - Michael Backman. Great stories on Asian countries (China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Japan). Got some insider news on Lee family owning so much of Singapore, plus the way that the Government owns practically a huge part of Singapore.

Now reading "1st break all the rules" by Marcus Buckingham on Management. Great book!

Books are only good if i have a way to record and remember what I have read. If not, I will read and forget, and those time spent will be wasted. Invest therefore time in summarising and adding on to what I have read. Then it becomes mine. Like what Confucius said, What I see I forget, what I do I remember.

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