19 August 2007

Worship & Sermon Reflections

I was blessed by this morning's worship, particularly by the songs, Hosanna, Let the thirsty come, and Majesty. Sometimes it takes a worship leader who walks close to God to bring the people in tune with the grace of God.

This week's sermon comes from Neh.9:22-31. Its key message is about a God who calls His people to possess the Land. We worship a Great God who calls us to a great work, to be entered into with great faith and to be pursued with great faithfulness. The part that strikes me it that while we may enter the land with great faith, we may not pursue His calling for this land with great faithfulness.

I used to endear myself to faithful people and acts of faithfulness. Caleb is my all-time hero and a symbol of what it means to be faithful. Now, in my 'mid-life' time of Christianity, after 34 years in the faith, I find myself struggling to finish well. I am far behind in my Bible reading and Journaling. My PDA(evangelism) is sterile and prayers feeble. Ministry is almost non-existent.

Hence, the message from Nehemiah is important today. It calls me afresh to pursue His calling with faithfulness. I am far from it, but I need to start again and walk with Him.

Our church is having her 29th Anniv cum fund raising dinner. I can start by inviting my old pal to come for it. It is a simple act, but an important step to be faithful again to Him.


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