10 August 2007

A walk in the woods

I took a long walk today to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve from my home - a 4 hour walk! My dog loves every minute of it. You can just tell from his waggy tail.

It has been a long while since I went on a hiking trip. The last time was with the Boys' Brigade, maybe 7 or 8 years ago. This time there were no complaints from the sole participant, he did not bark or made a single noise throughout the whole trip.

At lunch point, I saw an interesting sight. This 1st photo above showed 2 "Reduce Speed Now" signs. These were placed by the side of the BKE highway to warn drivers to slow down as they turn into the Housing estate.

I see it as a picture of life. In our own highways of our busy lives, there are some signs for us to slow down. To reduce speed now. These could be the pains that we experienced, the cries of our children, the wear and tear of our homes. If we do not reduce speed, there could be danger to ourselves and those in our "car". Hopefully, in life there will be "Exits" signs for us to turn aside, slow down, and take a breather.

I took a breather today. This term has been super hectic for me. The past Student Seminar cum overseas trip has taken a toll on me. And it ended just on the eve of the start of this new school term. After that came the never ending rehearsals for National day. Sigh, I am so tired and am really glad for this "Exit" sign to rest today. I sure look forward to the next rest stop in September. Did you have an Exit rest today, or this week? Don't just run faster. Have a rest too.

I was walking in the forests next. My dog was a bit frightened today and walked behind me for the most part of the forest walk. It however surprised me when it dashed forward to pounce on the iguana in the undergrowths (he missed of course!). Wow, today I counted 5 iguanas in one afternoon! Never seen so many in my life before.

We walked and walked, soon we reached the Bukit Timah Hill visitor's centre. Here we are told that pets are not allowed. I wonder why? According to the brochure which the ranger gave to me, it was to protect wildlife and also for the good of the dog so that he does not attract mites and worms. We sulkily left.

Outside on the road, we encountered this interesting scene of 5 monkeys on the railings. All of them were seated and looked bored. One of them helped its mate to look for fleas. Hmm, looking out for one another, helping each other in the animal kingdom.

We eventually walked all the way to the Rail Mall before my wife came to pick us home.

Would I do it again? Yes! But probably do a shorter distance. On the way, I met quite a few Caucasian families. What a good way for family bonding I thought. Where were the locals I wonder? Some were riding on mountain bikes. But the rest were not to be found, probably in the shopping malls or by the beach.

I am looking forward to my next walk. My doggie will say a BIG WOOF to that.


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