10 August 2007

A praying mother

In tonight's IDT session in my church, the Pastor shared on his praying mother. She was not very educated but she ran the home well, distributing household chores to the kids and was able to go out and work to feed the 5 children.

What made a lasting mark in my mind was the picture of her getting up each day, before her work, to be at the kitchen, to read the bible (with a torch) and pray for the family.

I do not do that. I hardly wake up early to pray for the family. I sometimes wake up early, in the past, to read the Word. But not to pray. Fervency in prayer is something that I lack. I see no need for it and I hide behind lies that I'm not the 'praying kind'.

I guess it is reflected in the type of life that I lead. It is reflected in the poverty of spiritual life in my home too. It is reflected in the fruit-lessness of my life.

Is it not time to pray for my family? And for those that I know?


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