18 August 2007

Nature calls, discipline & differences.

Today my dog urinated 7 times in the evening at the balcony. He is not toilet trained, even after 11 months, and we have to cleaned up the mess each time. Today, he has an exceptional full bladder, maybe its because of the rainy day? At the 7th time, at 10:45pm, I was already 'cursing & swearing' at him ;-( and telling myself a 1000 reasons why we shouldn't have a dog. I was trying to be loud for my wife to hear as this was the 7th time that I clean up the mess. Sigh, bad testimony.

My colleagues and friends used to ask me, "Why is he not toilet trained?" My simple answer is that I am not at home to do it, to see through the training which requires correcting and rewarding the dog. If I leave it to my wife, in my mind, it will never be done. There are many times we clashed verbally over such matters, but each time there is no resolution as we differed in personality and in training methods.

Is mine better? Or am I simply stubborn? I do not know. But i know that to have something done, we need to persevere to push through all the way to the end of the matter. We cannot give up half way. Just like in child discipline or in this case, pee training, we need to push through to the end. My dog is turning one next month, and without proper pee training, we have to clean up the mess (at random spots of the balcony) for another 9 - 10 years!

I see it as a matter of discipline on our part. We need to have that self-discipline to finish well. No discipline, or lack of self-discipline, will definitely show up in half finished projects and an ill-disciplined lifestyle.

In living together, we have to bear with one another's ways. She has lived with my idiosyncrasies for all these 12 years as i am far from perfect. I have often over-magnified her weakness and played down mine. It is indeed a challenge to live together. But it is for our good as i believe God is moulding us and blunting our sharp edges through our spouses.

My dog will poo and pee again tomorrow. Will I clear it up willingly? Or will I do it with a grumpy face and loud rants?

Poor doggy, it is not his fault - he has to answer nature's call. I am making it difficult for him, and for all of us at home. It is time to look at it with better perspective.


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