2 August 2007

National Day Rehersals in school

Each year schools in Singapore celebrate our National Day on 8 of August. We will then have a short break, before we as a nation, celebrate it again on 9th August. By all accounts it is a grand celebration in school. The teachers and the students all work very hard to put up a good show before the parents and government MPs who will be the invited Guest-of-Honour.

Over at my Institution, we are working on overdrive to prepare the students to put up more interesting items (than last year's) to wow the Principal and guests. This year, it will be celebrated at the sports stadium, amphitheatre, auditorium and in the classrooms. As usual, there will be many dance and song items. These kids are normally asleep in the classroom, but when it comes to dancing and singing, suddenly their whole world is awake and alive!Usually we will need to turn away groups as they all want to perform.

Those of us who are involved have to work hard as well as bear with the management inefficiencies of those in charge. Rehearsals are usually called at the last minute. And they are usually over-rehearsed until the students are so worn out that they cannot smile properly. For me, I have to come back during our day-off for more rehearsals. Sigh, how I sometimes secretly wished that my team was not selected. But as I looked at the kids, I knew they badly wanted to perform in front of the audience, and I just have to go on.

Looking at it from another angle, I feel this is a good time for us to renew our patriotic ties with our country. I love Singapore and would gladly stay in Singapore, and fight for Singapore if necessary. After travelling to many other countries, I still think this is the best place on earth. Some of my relatives would have preferred to live in Australia, but not me. Here is my home. And hopefully home for my kids and students too.

Spiritually, is there one day in the year that I renew my gratefulness to God for calling me and giving me so much blessings? As a country, we celebrate our independence, our birth as a Sovereign nation from Malaysia and from the Colonial masters of Britain. As a son of God, do I give thanks that He has called me and given me salvation and more than that, a purpose in life? I don't have. And i think it is not too late to start with today.

Thank you Lord for doing so much for me. There were so many times that I grumbled and were ungrateful. Thank you for bearing with me all these years. Thank you.

Postscript (10 Aug 07):
Thank God! Everything went smoothly. The weather was hot, but better than rainning. The turnout was good too, approximately 2-3000 kids. As usual, all our fears did not materialize and the students performed better than what we expected of them. We knew, yet many times we panicked and do silly unnecessary things. Here it is proven over again, that we typical Singaporeans over-planned things and rested in the comfort of our over-planning than on praying and resting in God. We are simply over "gan-cheong" (excited-worried) for our souls' good.


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