2 August 2007

My daughter (2)..

Earlier in June I wrote about my 'lostness' in handling my 2nd daughter, the feisty & more defiant one. This is a continuation. One of the many more continuations to come.

Mummy and older sister went out to buy some things for her camping trip tomorrow. "Mei-mei" (younger sister) and me were left at home, as a punishment for Mei-mei, who gave us all a hard time today.

I was a bit angry at having to be left at home. It is one of those times that you also want to go out and get some fresh air. I told Mei to finish her food in 20 minutes times and we're going out to get ice-cream. Her eyes instantly lighted up and she started to look at the clock and eat faster. Soon she surprised me by finishing all her food before the set time, and even have time to clear up the mess that Mummy asked her to do so. Hmm, she can really move fast with some motivation ;-)

We took a little walk to the hawker centre. Father and daughter together. As usual, she has many things to say, and would comment in a child-like manner of what she like, the windows, the type of houses with gardens and the cars. Then she said that this must be the 2nd or 3rd time that we went out, just the two of us. It was indeed interesting to hear that from her. Obviously, she must have enjoyed our time together and it meant something for her.

We searched for ice-cream, but did not find it. In the end, I bought her a stick ice cream and I ate fruits and teh-tarik. I would have loved to eat an ice cream sundae or ice kachang. But never mind, the simple 'potong' ice cream will do. Again in the food court, she has a lot to say about the people around and she was able to point out to me our neighbour who works there as a table cleaner. Hmm, very observant girl!

I learnt that she likes to be treated kindly and will indeed respond well to positive strokes rather than scoldings. True, who wouldn't prefer positive encouragements? Sometimes its just difficult to say kind things after a long hard day at work. And my poor gals will always get the brunt of my foul moods. So unfair for them.

I must really have more of such times with them - individually.


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