2 August 2007

Missing Person Ad

I saw this "Missing Person" Advert at the local Bus Interchange this morning. Mdm Lie, a 67 year old lady had been missing for quite some time and now her family members are looking for her.

What are the chances of her being spotted and found? Slim, I guess. She could probably have been one of those many old ladies wandering around unnoticed by the many busy people that walked by, busily chasing after their goals.

What struck me about this poster is that people are missing each day. In my school, students are missing from classes. They are missing by choice, either they are busy earning money outside or they are not bothered about the subject.

On the roads, old people who have gone senile, are also missing each day - and go unreported, perhaps even uncared for by the people around. Why bother? Some may ask, they are just another digit that made up our population of 4 million in Singapore. Thankfully, in this case, someone bothered enough to put up this missing notice.

In the world today, there is a 3rd category of missing people. Thousands of souls are missing each day. They are eternally lost without the gospel message of salvation. Who will go out and tell them the good news to bring them in?

When I was younger, I was more enthusiastic about winning souls. We did evangelistic outreaches as a group and as individuals. We even went to Philippines and Kazakhstan to share the Word. Now that I am older, I have slackened a lot in this area. Even with the recent Evangel cube training, I have not been actively sharing my faith. My 'busy' work has been my comfortable excuse.

Have my heart grown cold? Have I become calloused to the lost and dying as they are not my immediate relatives? How can I regain the fire again? No simple answers.

A wounded heart cannot love. Perhaps my first step is to be completely healed first.


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